Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Sampler: Blocks 8 & 9

Here are some more blocks from the summer sampler:

Block 8: Arkansas Traveler
This block was very fun to make. You make the diamond units first, then use paper piecing to make square units. The difficulty was putting them together in the end. There was just so much seam-bulk in the middle, my poor machine was having trouble (I made this block before I got my Viking. He would have powered right through it!). I love the end result though.

Block 9: Lucky Pieces
This might be my favorite block. It is just so bright and happy! (And so easy to make!) I think the choice of colors really made it pop.

And finally, as a special treat, here are all the blocks I have so far laid out. Now that I am looking at all of them, I really want to finish this quilt! I plan to make 11 more blocks. The next 3 are from this same Summer sampler, and they are all very intricate paper piecing blocks. So it will take me a while to complete :)

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