Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Sampler: Blocks 4 & 5

Block 4: Minessota
This one took a super long time to make. The diamond units are paper-pieced, and the hour glass units consist of quarter-square triangles. This was my first experience with quarter square triangles, but I must say, I love this little unit, and will probably make more of them. I made this block with incorrectly printed templates, so I ended up having to trim the hourglass units down.

Block 5: Six-Pointed Star
I liked making this block. I think the tutorial was wrong though. The triangles have to be cut to at least 4" height (not 3.5"). I need to try making it with that bigger size to see what happens. The height of the block ended up being 11.5" (and 12.5" wide), so I am going to have to add strips to top and bottom.

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