Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pinwheel Sampler: All Blocks are Done!!

I finally finished making all 9 blocks! I have made more 1/2 square triangle units then I care to count. Scaling down the size of the blocks also made this process somewhat tedious. Next step is sashing! Here are the last 3 squares. I love how all 3 of them turned out!

"Star Pinwheel" from this tutorial. This one is really pretty. I like how it turned out!

"Spinning Pinwheel" from this tutorial. I love this one, because I was able to use 3 different prints, and I love how the pink is on the outside, it kind of looks like the dragonflies are flying away :)

"Flying Pinwheel" from this tutorial.

Here are all the blocks together. I haven't decided how I want to arrange them, but I like the way they look all together! 

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